MAUKMUSIC-Eυφορία (Euphoria Song Contest)

Entry Category: Hip-Hop

Hola! I am a producer out of Terre Haute, Indiana. I've been producing for about 2 years and playing piano for about 15+ years. I love music and love sharing vibes with other musicians. This is my submission for the Cymatics "Euphoria Song Contest" I made this track strictly using the following Cymatics packs: 1. VYPER (which is absolutely amazing) 2. Cobra (also amazing) 3. Euphoria (loved the vocals in this pack) The main melody is actually a melody from Vyper. I took the sample and reversed it, changed the pitch of the song and added some other effects to it to make it sound more ambient/ominous. For the drums I chopped up a couple samples from both Vyper and Cobra to create this lofi-type beat. Personally, I love lofi-type music and I've never created any so I wanted to incorporate it a bit in this track. The vocals were the most fun on this track. I took the main vocals from Euphoria and changed the pitch/BPM to fit the key of my song. From there I chopped it like some wood and set it into place. Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this one! Cheers!

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