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LexXxus - Leave This place (EUPHORIA SONG CONTEST)

LexXxus has graced the dance floors for a steady 34 years. He started out in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada at a small club inside of a hotel at the age of 14. and then a year later off to more local clubs and local venues.. From there, any club that had HipHop & Or EDM, LexXxus was there! In 2000 LexXxus packed his bags and moved abroad with nothing but his gear and a dream. Planting his feet firmly in Asia he started to become a highly sorted after DJ and became the most popular Dj in the city he lived in. Now 15 years later, thousands of clubs, and many more guests served, He is now fully ripe and ready for the pickins! LexXxus has now returned home from abroad, and he is planting his feet deeply into his custom EDM production studio.

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