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San Holo has been so great at sending a simple yet effective direct message in the "theme" of their songs. San's a mastermind at giving tracks a great way to connect with each and every individual emotionally and physically. I came up with this project "sorry" to inspire all those in relationships to really strive for forgiveness. I truly believe the power of forgiving and saying sorry is right under the power and strength of love and even in every day situations I always try to forgive. it really is a practice of peace and love and a truly meaningful sorry can go a long way. making this song I really wanted it to hit home with tons of emotion and wanted to make this as relatable to people as possible while also keeping the direct message and theme sweet and simple. anyways, thank you guys for all you do for the producers community and san thank you so much for teaming up with my favorite team. and thanks for giving this a listen I hope you guys like it!!!

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