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Didn’t know I was gonna enter this until a few days ago when I heard a couple of the samples on the contest page. Then it was on. Took some grains of inspiration from a few choice Cymatics melodies, added tons of producer royal specialty samples and blew it up into some magic inspired by the master of the deserts —the Sidewinder. Rattles and strikes plus the elegant sway of movement across the sands of time where future primitive and esoteric past collide. This track is like gettin struck by the desert rattler, tripping through the dust to find a thriving travel bazaar where an exotic healer treats your intoxication with a magic tonic, a ceremony of dance and purifying, and then vanishes with the wind in a mirage. You’re left on a strange shoreline of cool waters and nostalgia. Transformative Nature Bass & Lofi Big up Cymatics, these sounds are super fun to compose with 🤙 Be Well y’all