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Water Dweller

I started with a loop called "Empty promises" and I set the mood from there. I made it sound heroic at first but wanted to bring in destruction as the first drop came in. That was the concept I had in mind at least. Then I wanted the drop to revolve on vocal chops so I used the "Highway Acapella" and "Airplane vocal chop" (both with a ton of effects) as the main elements of the drop. The B-section consists of the first loop, supersaws, and a different bass. I also used a small part of the "Why vocal chop" as a chant in the next half of the first drop. The second drop was easy as I wanted to switch it up by using some of the supporting layers from the intro to add to the second drop, in addition to the newly synthesized bass and arp. I titled the project with the idea of a deep sea monster.

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