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I don't need you

This song is my own melodic interpretation of the I don't need you vocal sample from the Cymatics Orchid sample pack. I incorporate multiple musical styles, energy levels, and cultural elements throughout the piece in order to craft a song that is both melodically accessible and musically diverse. The audio sample at the end is a voicemail left by my brother on my phone after he got out of jail. It marked him starting out on a better life journey after leaving behind an abusive relationship and life of drug use. This song is meant to express the emotions experienced by him and myself in that moment, while also representing the general human emotional experience of letting go. In terms of promotion, I have already debuted this single live at the largest concert hall in my college town, Columbia Missouri (the bluenote:, and have a complete slate of social media marketing canvases at my disposal. Next week, I am meeting with one of my friends who happens to be a mastering engineer (@itsbrillion on instagram) to apply some finishing touches to the mix and final master. I will be releasing it on all music platforms May 30th. This song is meant to be a journey, so sit back and enjoy!

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