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Here is my Melodic idea for the contest! I started with the Homebound melody from the Memories Vintage Samples Pack, took it down from Gmin to Emin and slowed it from 80BPM to 76,5BPM. In the middle of the song the tempo is 153BPM and I used the chords from the Homebound MIDI. List of Cymatics' sounds I've choosen from the Memories Vintage Samples Pack and the Black Friday 2020 Teaser Pack (all of them are heavily processed): - Filth Kick - Hauntology Snap - Champagne Clap - Valid HiHat - Burner Open HiHat - Weight Crash - Temple Perc - Nuke 808 - Drift Synth - Old Square Pluck - Soft Brass Pad - Subtle Pad - Tiled Floor Synth - Moth Keys - Aged Bell - Dean Brass - Grease Bass - Mixer Lofi Noise - IPS 15 Bright Noise The only sounds from other libraries I've used are the Elektro Snare and Elektro Toms from my Battery 4 Factory library. Enjoy!

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