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I was going through samples to make a beat for my local up-coming rapper and found myself ending up with a perfectly suiting melody sample from the Cymatics 2020 Melody Collection. The beat is meant to have space for an artist and not get too complicated, so the artist can flow on the beet smoothly without having to be put off. I'm a 17-year-old producer from Estonia, currently studying in Denmark for. My main genres are trap, hip-hop and ambient. Making music is a way for me to express my mood, my music taste and to spend my free time on something more productive than playing video games :) About half a year I bought myself a copy of FL Studio 20, so I can keep making music on my laptop while being away from my home PC for a year, while studying in Denmark. My biggest problem right now is not having the money to buy any new Sample Packs or VST's. Everything I use is free since that's the only way I can run right now. Unfortunately, in most cases free sounds aren't very good quality, which takes the overall quality of my tracks down. The prize would help turn my hobby into an actual profession. Win or not, thank you Cymatics for giving away so many free packs so producers like me can get some sounds to play with without having to pay huge amounts. R3lax

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