Song Contest
IMMORTAL licence required to enter, with over $7000+ in prizes!
Grand Prize Winner:
Contest Prizes
IMMORTAL Production Suite
To enter contest you need to have a valid IMMORTAL license!
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Who can make the best track?

The IMMORTAL Production Suite song contest is for all genres / styles of music, with over $7000 in prizes to the winner.

We want to see who can make the most unique track using the samples in the pack, so get as creative as you like with your entry.

Feel free to use other Cymatics samples from some of our other packs, but keep the main focus of your track around the IMMORTAL Production Suite samples.

Submissions Begin:
April 14th 2023, 2pm EST
Submissions Deadline:
May 26th 2023, 2pm EST
Winner Announcement:
June 2nd 2023, 2pm EST

Best of luck to everyone and have fun with it!

*An IMMORTAL Production Suite licence is required to enter this contest

Song Contest
Grand prize winner will receive over
$7,000+ worth of prizes

Step 1:

Purchase IMMORTAL Production Suite

Step 2:

Make your best track (any genre)

Step 3:

Submit your track by May 26th

Preview samples from IMMORTAL:
Abandon - 140 BPM C# Min (Trap)
Last Of Us - 140 BPM A Min (Trap)
Legend - 112 BPM F Min (Brass)
Kings - 116 BPM D Min (Brass)
Antidote - 102 BPM G# Min (Guitar)
Apollo - 130 BPM D Min (Trap)
Beluga Whales - 140 BPM F# Min (Electronic)
Birdsong - 112 BPM C# Min (Vocal)
City Of God - 158 BPM F# Min (Guitar)
Contagious - 92 BPM E Min (RnB)
Drugs - 112 BPM D Maj (Guitar)
Ex Machina - 134 BPM A Min (Experimental)
Glass Shards - 148 BPM A# Min (Electronic)
Purple Liquid - 142 BPM A Min (Electronic)
Portofino - 151 BPM C Min (World)
Contest Grand Prize
Grand prize winner will be chosen on overall
beat quality, any genre allowed.
$1000 Cash

The winner will receive $1000 in cash to spend however they wish!

2023 Macbook Pro
Value: $1299

The grand prize winner will receive a brand new MacBook Pro with 13" Display with Touch Bar.

Adam Audio T8V Speakers
Value: $660

The T8V are some of the highest selling studio monitors from ADAM audio, world renowned for their incredible sound and high end quality.

Cymatics Plugin Bundle
Value: $375

License for every Cymatics plugin: Keys, Diablo, Vortex, Pluto, Space, Aurora, & Lotus.

Every Cymatics pack
ever released
Value: $5,000+

The winner will receive thousands of Cymatics samples in their account. (this even includes our premium sample packs that aren’t available anymore)

Producer Feature on
Cymatics IG

The grand prize winner will also receive a producer feature on Cymatics IG page.

IMMORTAL Production Suite
Explore Limitless Possibilities For The Evolution of Your Sound
IMMORTAL Trap Collection $197
IMMORTAL Electronic Collection $197
IMMORTAL Vintage Collection $197
IMMORTAL World Collection $197
IMMORTAL Emotional Collection $197
Archangel: Vocal Loops $147
Olympus: FX Collection $117
Leviathan: One Shot Collection $147
Pantheon: MIDI Collection $129
5 IMMORTAL Production Courses $147
4 Live Feedback Sessions *Included Free
$7000 IMMORTAL VIP Song Contest *Free Entry
IMMORTAL Collectors Edition USB *Limited
$50 Cymatics Gift Card $50
or PAYMENT PLAN $65 x 4 Months
*You can enter Immortal Song Contest only if you have a valid license of the Immortal Production Suite
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by: Beatiful


by: anti

Keep Pushin'

by: Piph

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any other questions contact [email protected]

You must have a licence of the full version of IMMORTAL Production Suite to enter this contest

On April 14th, we'll be releasing 1,500 licenses of IMMORTAL, so be sure to join the waiting list to get notified.

If you're one of 1,500 you'll be able to enter the contest!

Yes you can, as long as they are from other Cymatics packs.

Just try to keep the focus of your entry on the IMMORTAL Production Suite releasing on April 14th.

We choose the contest winner based upon overall creativity and quality of production.

This criteria is heavily based upon both sound selection and the mix quality of the entry.

To get featured on the Cymatics IG, upload snippets of your entry and tag us @cymaticsfm with the hashtag #ImmortalContest

We will re-post some of our favorite ones that we see!

You must use elements from the IMMORTAL Production Suite to be eligible for this contest.

No illegal/uncleared samples may be used in your entry.

Submit your original song with the following title format: ARTIST NAME – SONG NAME (IMMORTAL Song Contest)

One entry per person/group.

If you enter as a group, you are not allowed to enter as a solo artist, and vice versa.

You may not enter the contest if you currently work for, or have ever worked for Cymatics LLC.

Cymatics has the right to disqualify any entry.

These rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Cymatics LLC.

Submissions Deadline: May 26th 2023 at 2:00PM EST, Winner Announcement: June 2nd 2023 at 2:00PM EST