When I saw this contest, I immediately felt a calling to compete but had a big exclusive mix for a company I am partnered with that I had to give my full attention to release on 4/20. It took so much time and energy that I completely forgot about this. I was going through old emails when I had remember that I had already downloaded this pack and recalled me being drawn to do this earlier since my main focus in production is trap. I haven't enter in many competitions before, but I am super confident with what I have made. I took only one full day to make this and it is by far one of my best arrangements and mix-downs. I incorporated some of the drop synths loops, vocal chants, serum presets, and one shot fxs from the pack. I also added my own vocals that I wrote on the spot and recorded all of it in the same session. I legit have not be confident or experimented much with my voice in the last 8 or so years and I got to say this contest pushed me to every limit. The lyrics are about someone I was seeing. We were drifting apart right before I took this on and with how I have been feeling emotionally about it, I took all my energy and devoted it to this track. This notion that our thoughts can be overwhelming and that they can take control over us and ROT our senses. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making this!

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