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Hi! My name is Leon, I'm 20 years old and I live in Argentina. I found out about this contest a few days ago (Aug 8th), and didn't hesitate on entering, it has been fun working on a track for this type of activities since it's my first time doing it. I started many projects on the first day and I chose this one when I started playing with one of the vocal samples, tweaking and changing the notes until I formed a nice melody, and from that, the whole idea for the song was born. I'm really into film score, so my first idea was to compose a nice soundtrack based on the melodic vocal, once I've arranged the structure for the intro, I decided to blend it with some electronic music, which turned out great, I really liked how the drastic change resulted. So, after creating the whole drop, I wrote a melody with a piano, to give it an epic and soft ending with some nice ambient instruments. I could've made a bit longer but I thought it was just fine that way, a 10-minute song would be too much. All the instruments used are from Kontakt, Serum and Massive, including the cinematic percussion which was from Kontakt's Actions Hits (just to clarify that all the sounds besides the ones from the Cymatics x San Holo - "Light", are from vst's and not other illegal/uncleared sample libraries). Without further ado, I really hope you enjoy the track, it has been a pleasure being a part of this contest. Cheers! - Leon.

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