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**THIS TRACK IS IN SPANISH** This is a song expressing my struggle with a person that means the world to me, but I cannot simply just "Let go". Her love left me "Scarred" and I struggle to forget it and be happy. The title is "MAS CARA" meaning Mask in english. What I'm trying to explain in the lyrics is how we all put a "Mask" on to hide away all of our weaknesses and things that makes us really cry. How I'm trying to get lost in the drinks and forget my hurting, but it is very difficult. The correct word is "Máscara", but because I'm paying a BIG emotional "Toll/Fee", MAS CARA also means "More expensive", which the experience ended up being, but in an emotional way. Expensive in an emotional way. Hope you enjoy it and kinda relate to it. We all struggle in many different ways, and this is a part of mine.

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