Concrete Garden

Well, i think it's here the place where i put the way that i worked on the song... All the samples i used are from Cymatics - LoFi Toolkit and i will put the information here in order of use. Main Loop: Lofi MeloLoop 19 - 130 BPM D min.wav + reverb Kick: Lofi Kick 9 - F#.wav Snare: Lofi Snare 8 - G.wav Hihat: Cymatics - Lofi Hihat Loop 8 - 80 BPM.wav For the bass and synths tracks, i used the native vst from Reaper DAW 'ReaSamplOmatic5000' to manipulate (tune, detune, resample) the sound of the samples. Bass: Lofi Melody Loop 3 - 80 BPM D Maj.wav (< 1 sec) + JS Distortion (native vst) + ReaEQ (native vst) Synths: Lofi Melody Loop 5 - 80 BPM F Min.wav (2 sec) + reverb + ReaEQ (native vst) Thank for the oportunity for make part of this contest. I hope you all enjoy it too. Mateus N.

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