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this is the best of what i have produced for the @cymaticsfm ultimate CHAOS beat contest. the sample i picked is under the “reverse” folder, named “Bone to Pick” Key - G minor | BPM - 151 hard trap beat w tuned, boosted and hard spinz 808s, while the hi-hats carry the rhythm of the beat, the punchy kicks, and the percussions add the “groove”. The drums are the main elements of my beat, as they are really catchy and unique. the melody was reversed originally, so i reversed it again to get the instrument and added a few effects from the "Gross Beat" Stock Plugin of FL Studio. I pitched it down in a few parts just to add that little spice and a tape stopper in a part where the beat drops hard. Took me 2 days to finish this, and Thanks to @cymaticsfm for this amazing loop kit. if you like this, vote for me! like in bio thanks for the support!

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